13 September 2005

Once de Septiembre

i am in a tank
and you are speaking to me in a language i understand but
i have not heard it like this you
hurl it at me scream it at me launch it at me

i am in a tank
i was giving flowers to the tank
i was giving flowers and the tank is looking at me
i could not look away
i could only give it flowers
and then i am in a tank

i am only one but soon we are
two and now we are
one woman and ten men

one of us has seizures, de repente
one of us had surgery, el otro día
one of us is fourteen, estaba al punto de encontrar su novia
one of us, está sin carnet

we can see you through the metal
we can’t leave until you let us
we are your prisoners and
you our green captors with battle helmets

today i saw Allende
outside the Justice Ministry
for the first time he spoke to me for the first time i might be understanding
a glimpse of something

oh tank!
we scream that they are present here
Compañeros desparacedios

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