25 October 2005

Comisión 01

It's usually a process to find the keys
Leaving - difficult

A thought I had shortly after closing the gate:

Perhaps there is a lesson to learn...
and how horrible that you
should learn it from me

I would have to write the lines
in thick black txta
don't have the answers
to your logic
these truths are ugly

the 116 has lost its numbers
i don't think there are one's
just elbows and knees more suited to their surroundings

Your cushions soft and and flushed surround me too much
and I, needing to break them, invert your very nature
seems unfair I know but
in the end it's luck and such things upend themselves and
leave us (drop it) where we started

A few good days is all I gain
i need to entertain your silence
it's a project i'm working on

Lots of yellow micros are losing their numbers
and on the steps of Bellas Artes everyone
finds a partner (after a while)

There's some promotion you've got going
and I might say 'good for you' but
under my breath i'm cursing your misfortune

I generally feel that this would be a
decent thing to do
the actuality is making me grimace

Escape the process circle - yEs?
These spheres don't spin together
despite concessions, calculations and course corrections

Another step down
one away from the
hair twirling, cigarette smoking, coca-cola drinking

Can we talk?/¿Podamos hablar?

But I
tXtA changEs volumE
fighting over VthE controls too...
y ¡éso no se hace!

Sleepy and dopey are two words that come to mind

Finally the sweets and cigarettes stand
gets some business
which reminds me of

Parramatta Rd but you don't know that road
so lets leave it at that
reminding ourselves of senselessness

and the mirrors we occasionally encounter

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jes said...

i know that road.