18 July 2012

VHS Library coming at ya! This is what I'd like to say in reference to the ABC Radio National program on VHS nostalgia. Which video tape library do you belong to? Or last belonged. Video Manner in Annandale or Petersham Video Ezy/Blockbuster/new entity on New Canterbury probably the last hopes. Newtown Civic Video was a great friend, but it's discs only now I'm afraid. Earlwood Video Ezy on Clarke St, you gave me Felix the Cat and Voltron. Narwee (multiple companies) and Marrickville somewhere, I developed independence with your range of titles. I will never forget you nor the test screens you hypnotised me with and the data you encoded me with. Your grain is imprinted on my retina. Video cassette library coming at ya. We can and have salvaged the equipment. Time to belong again. The tape deck bar, the tape bar. We'll call it something cool. X VHSX 

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